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Tips to Get Ahead: An Electricians Venture Plan

For many electricians, it is their dream to go out on their own and start their own business. If you have been working for someone else, then you know how annoying it can be working your butt off and only seeing a fraction of the hard work go into your pocket. However, for any electrician wanting to make the leap into an individual contractor, it"s important that you consider the following tips.
  1. Put in the Time: Don"t consider your years that you have been slaving away for someone else as wasted time. Think of it as training. Any good electrician will need to put in a few years to understand the different jobs and situations involved. The more time you put in getting down and dirty, the more knowledge you will acquire. This will help your business and you will be prepared to guide your workers through any tough electrical situation.
  2. Gain Access to the Proper Technology: Being an electrician is not only about working with your heads and using your head. You will also need to invest in recent technology. This may include analytic or scientific software. Some of the best programs include Electrosoft Flashworks and SoftEmpire Electrical Calculations. You will also need CAD software such as One Mile-Up Panel or SmartDraw. Data base user interface program such as Insight Direct or Shafer Service Software, project management software such as Construction Master Pro Software, and a word processing system such as Socrates Contractor"s Library are also essential for a successful electrician company.
  3. Consider Management Training: Running your own business takes more than just electrician smarts. You will also need to have business smarts and people smarts. It"s a good idea to spend some evenings taking night courses on business management at your local community college or technical institute. That way you can be prepared for all aspects of running your own business.

By Michelle Simmons
Get Electrician Jobs, Contributing Editor

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