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Will a career as an Electrician electrify you?

What kind of options does a career as an electrician turn on for you? As an electrician, you will obviously be preparing something to run electricity. However, once you complete your training and education and pass your final exam, you will be required to install wiring, fuses, and other electrical components. However, becoming an electrician provides you numerous different career paths. First of all, you can specialize in installing electricity in homes, commercial settings, or industrial settings. As an electrician you can also decide whether you want to become part of a team and work for a specific company, or you can be self employed.
What kind of electrifying tasks will you be performing?
As a skilled and professionally trained electrician, you will be installing electricity. However, there is much more to the job than just installing electricity. Electricians must first observe the area that they will be working on. Once they have observed the area, they prepare blueprints. Electricians must follow rules and regulations of the National Electrical Code when installing electricity. Electricians attach wires to breakers, outlets, transformers, or other electrical components in order to install electricity. Electricians not only install electric, but they also maintain and repair electric components. Electricians are often put into risky situations where they could become harmed by electrical shock. Electricians have to work both indoors and outdoors and are continuously lifting objects, standing, and kneeling to perform their jobs. As an electrician, you will be required to travel in order to reach your customers. Generally, an electrician works a full time work schedule of forty hours per week. Electricians also tend to generate overtime by performing maintenance, repair, and call out jobs.
Will the hourly earnings of electricians shock you?
Depending on how you are employed as an electrician and what type of work you perform for your customers, your hourly wage can vary. However, the average hourly wage that is earned by electricians is around $24.00 per hour. Your earnings can increase if you decide to broaden your range of work. You can also earn higher wages by becoming a supervisor, or obtaining a contractors license and starting a contracting business for electricians.

By Adam Herschkowitz
Get Electrician Jobs, Contributing Editor

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